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By Sharon Finmark

Colour is prime to portray and the power to combine and reproduce particular colors is an artwork in itself. color thought could be uninteresting and intricate, yet during this publication, skilled artist and instructor, Sharon Finmark, demonstrates color blending in a pragmatic and easy-to-follow approach. as well as being an intensive visible sourcebook to almost six hundred color mixes, there are work featured all through with all of the various colorings and mixes in every one portray analysed and annotated. during this approach, watercolour painters research by way of software the right way to get the easiest out in their paints.

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Lemon Yellow is used for the lemons, with Cadmium Yellow and Yellow Ochre for the flowers. A warmer violet is used for the mug with a bluer purple and ultramarine for the jug. ORANGES AND BLUE BOTTLE This still life exploits how well orange and blue work together. I used a warm Ultramarine for the bottle and cooler Prussian Blue for the cloth. The Oranges were Cadmium Orange And Cadmium Yellow with a touch of Cadmium Red to indicate shape and form. RED GERANIUMS We all are attracted to this combination of red and green.

Remember, though, that even the darkest shadow on an urban building will have colour in it, which you can either discover by observation or decide yourself to suit the rest of your painting and the mood you wish to create. CHURCH WITH DOME The need to be architecturally correct can be bypassed by using the surroundings effectively. The hard edges of this church were softened by the trees and foliage. HOUSE WITH PORTICO A water-soluble pen was used to depict the building structure. It was then blended with watercolour to create shadows without compromising the architectural details.

The main complementaries used are Cadmium Red and Hooker’s Green. 3 COLOUR PROPERTIES How much simpler the use of colour would be if it could be stated that red is always warm and blue always cool. This is true when they are placed side by side for comparison. The problem is that the temperature relies on the relationships of all the colours in a painting and on the particular reds and blues you choose. Generally speaking, warm colours tend to bring elements in a painting forwards and cool colours make them recede, so you might wonder how to handle red objects in the distance, for example, without destroying the three-dimensional effect you are trying to achieve.

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