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Those are the skeleton notes of an undergraduate path given on the PCMI convention in 2003. I should still wish to thank the organisers and my viewers for an exceptionally relaxing 3 weeks. The record is written in LATEX2e and may be on hand in tex, playstation , pdf and clvi structure from my domestic web page

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A function y satisfying the differential equations may now be expressed as y = (C(λ, ·), S(λ, ·))ξ for an appropriate ξ ∈ C2r . In particular, the function y = (C(λ, ·), S(λ, ·))ξ satisfies the interface conditions (and hence is a solution of Ly = λy) precisely if ξ is in the kernel of the (2r − n0 ) × 2r-matrix J(λ) = I(C(λ, ·), S(λ, ·)). 4. Initial value problems Initial value problems do, in general, not have unique solutions on trees. This causes the main differences in the treatment of inverse problems on trees when compared to intervals.

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