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When the surface S changes from S1 to S2, the perimeter l will sweep the strip area jdl dl  vj, where v is the movement velocity of area S. 6) indicates that the electromotive force (EMF) is only generated by the change in the magnetic induction BðtÞ when the location and shape of surface S are not changed; this is known as induced EMF. The second term indicates that change in the location or shape of surface S gives rise to an EMF called motional EMF when the magnetic induction BðtÞ is not 20 Practical Design of Magnetostatic Structure Using Numerical Simulation 0 changed.

95) is the basic equation for the magnetic media to calculate the magnetic field distribution. It is solved through the finite element method (FEM) and others [7]. 4 Summary Magnetostatic theory is the basis for electromagnetic structure. Maxwell’s equations are a useful tool to decide the structure parameters. We have reviewed the basic concepts and equations for the magnetostatic problem in this chapter. The integral and differential Maxwell equations are derived on the basis of the fundamental experimental laws and in the form of Poisson, Helmholtz, and vector analysis.

Yet only some higher order interpolation elements with this characteristic are isoparametric, such as the arbitrary quadrilateral element with bilinear interpolation, the triangular or quadrilateral element with second- or third-order interpolation, and similar space elements. For isoparametric elements, the boundary may be a curve or curved surface which can be adapted to the complex shape of the boundary. Consequently, isoparametric elements have been widely applied up to the present. 2. Unified interpolation functions of isoparametric elements.

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