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Html Building the application stack 30 Right now, the routing “ends” in the router, and the router is not the place to actually “do” something with the requests, because that wouldn’t scale well once our application becomes more complex. Let’s call these functions, where requests are routed to, request handlers. And let’s tackle those next, because unless we have these in place there isn’t much sense in doing anything with the router for now. New application part, new module - no surprise here.

And having some if request == x then call handler y in the router would be more than ugly. A varying number of items, each mapped to a string (the requested URL)? Well, sounds like an associative array would be a perfect fit. Well, this finding is slightly disappointed by the fact that JavaScript doesn’t provide associative array - or does it? Turns out, it’s actually objects that we want to use if we need an associative array! aspx⁷, let me quote the relevant part: In C++ or C#, when we’re talking about objects, we’re referring to instances of classes or structs.

But makes sense to see what happens. I suggest playing around with this a bit. Put small amounts of text into the textarea as well as lots of text, and you will see that for the larger texts, the data callback is indeed called multiple times. Let’s add even more awesome to our app. On the /upload page, we will display the received content. upload = upload; That’s it, we are now able to receive POST data and use it in our request handlers. One last thing for this topic: what we pass on to the router and the request handlers is the complete body of our POST request.

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