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By John B. Graham, Emily S. Barrow, Howard M. Reisner (auth.), Harry Harris, Kurt Hirschhorn (eds.)

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There may be some duplication of patients among reports. Classification by original authors was used when available. When unavailable, values ",;5% judged as CRM -, ~60% judged as CRM + . This classification was used to make inhibitor neutralization results comparable to radioimmunoassay or electroimmunoassay (Laurel\) results. C Summary of older data; classification of Roberts used. d Inhibitor neutralization assay data. b phasize the need for caution in comparisons made using different antibodies.

IX Bm molecule has no coagulant activity, however. X by F. VII in the presence of bovine tissue factor. The Bm variant studied by Bertina is cleaved only at the amino terminus of the activation peptide domain, hence no activation peptide is released. Since cleavage at the carboxy-terminal end of the activation peptide domain is necessary for coagulant activity, the lack of activity in 30 John B. Graham et al. IX assays but not the prolonged ox-brain prothrombin time is understandable. The group of patients with hemophilia Bm who have only slight increases in ox-brain prothrombin time are heterogeneous, some cases being CRM +, others being CRM ~.

1980) and the presence or absence of the higher molecular weight polymers of VIIIR:Ag (Ruggeri and Zimmerman, 1981): 1.

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