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Whereas dated--the quantity is a part of a collection at the occult released via Doubleday in 1976--the details contained inside of is exact and well timed. furthermore, the paintings comprises many beautiful illustrations/reproductions, making it a visually attractive resource. Contents: 1 The which means of Alchemy 2 the rules of Alchemy three Mysterious Frenchmen four The Medieval Masters five The Wandering Alchemists 6 What occurred to Alchemy? 7 intercourse and Symbolism eight Alchemy Lives On

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The system of correspondences, or connections, between the seven planets known to the Ancient World and all aspects of life was also extremely important. Tangible objects such as metals, animals, and plants, concepts such as colors, and abstract ideas such as love and wisdom were accorded to different planets, among which the ancients included the Sun and Moon. 30 Right: the mountain of the Adepts, an illustration of an alchemical book published in Germany in 1654. The complex symbolism of the picture relates the four elements shown by their Latin names, with the union of the King and Queen —under the signs of the sun and moon and the crowned eagle, which symbolizes Mercury—achieved in the heart of the mountain after the seven alchemical steps, or processes.

It must be remembered that in all these changes the prime matter behind the form always remains the same. The next stage of form in Aristotle's theory was that all physical manifestations in the world are composed of all four elements in different proportions. The varying amount of each element in the composition accounts for the infinite variety of things in the world. Because it was believed that elements could be transformed into other elements, it was only a small step to the assumption that all substances could be changed by altering the proportions of elements that constitute them.

But nobody ever admitted to having found anything. There were those, of course, who insisted that Flamel, having discovered the secret of the Philosopher's Stone, had also discovered the secret of immortality. " "At last I took the liberty of naming the celebrated Flamel, who, it was said, possessed the Philosopher's Stone, yet was certainly dead. He smiled at my simplicity, and asked with an air of mirth: 'Do you really believe this? No, no, my friend, Flamel is still living; neither he nor his wife has yet tasted death.

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