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Are we on my own? From conflict of the Worlds to Invasion of the physique Snatchers, ET to shut Encounters, creators of technological know-how fiction have continuously eagerly speculated on simply how the tale of alien touch could play out. Editor Marty Halpern has accumulated jointly the very best tales of the final 30 years, by means of today's most fun style writers, weaving a tapestry that covers a vast variety of eventualities: from the insidious, to the violent, to the transcendent.

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The irony of the comment was meant for Jennie alone. Mrs Owen was obviously impressed by the politeness of tone. ' Mrs Owen beamed, and Jennie groaned inwardly. A sudden excuse occurred to her. 'Er—Mrs Owen, I quite forgot the shopping. ' 'That's really not necessary,' Jennie parried. ' Mrs Owen's word was the final one. 'It would be rather nice to walk down together. ' Mrs Owen smiled sweetly and Derek returned her smile with warmth, giving her his arm. They set off slowly down the street. 'This is very convenient, Jennie.

Impulsively she put out her hand. He took it and held it, his long fingers enveloping hers. ' He laughed, still holding her hand, a sardonic gleam in his eye. ' Jennie flushed. She tried to extricate her hand from his, but before she could do so, a voice called from behind her. ' Jennie shook off Derek's hand. 'What a good idea. ' Mrs Owen looked at Jennie and at Derek, and a wide smile crinkled over her face. ' A comic archness crept into her features. ' Jennie blanched and then controlled her voice.

Derek grinned and straightened an imaginary knot at his throat. 'My attire, on the other hand, is impeccable,' he drawled. Jennie noticed that the jeans, stretched smoothly over his long muscular legs, were as worn as hers, his sky-blue shirt was open at the neck. Unwillingly too, she took in the tautness of his stomach, the curly gold-brown hair which escaped from the open button of his shirt, the strong tendons of his surprisingly bronzed neck. A disturbing thought flashed through her mind.

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