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By R. V. Gamkrelidze

The most important achievements of mathematical research from Newton and Euler to trendy functions of arithmetic in actual sciences, engineering and different parts are offered during this quantity. Its 3 components hide the equipment of study: illustration tools, asymptotic equipment and remodel tools. The authors - the well known analysts M.A. Evgrafov and M.V. Fedoryuk - haven't easily awarded a compendium of concepts yet have under pressure in the course of the underlying team spirit of many of the equipment. the elemental principles are essentially awarded and illustrated with fascinating and non-trivial examples. References, including courses to the literature, are supplied for these readers who desire to cross extra.

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It was recommended the racket design should consist of low string tension, stiffer racket shaft and bigger area of string-bed (bigger head size). A.

413. It can be observed that, with the increase of shaft crosssection thickness, t the COR slightly increased. 6 clearly show that the racket’s shaft crosssectional design is one of the factors that affect the performance of a racket. Both figures indicated significant results where the COR increased with the increase in area of MOI of cross-sectional shaft design. 1). Thus, these results proved that the solid shaft is much stiffer than a hollow shaft. 6 The COR values at various shaft cross-sectional thicknesses (7 mm shaft diameter) 4 Stiffness of Badminton Racket 40 In addition, the shaft with a higher area of MOI has greater stiffness and produced higher COR that leads to better rebound velocity of the ball [5].

4 0 Time (h) 54 59 65 69 75 82 88 136 Other than that, the accuracy of the data must also be considered in choosing the appropriate number of elements. 1 shows the accuracy, % and the simulation time consumed by each number of elements used in this finite element analysis. In order to obtain the accuracy, each COR was compared with the COR obtained from 217210 elements. 6 % compared to the data using 217210 elements. Therefore, due to time constraint and computer performance limitations, the elements number of 7985 was considered as the most appropriate element to be selected in this simulation study.

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