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By O. Pironneau (auth.), Ken Morgan, Jacques Periaux, François Thomasset (eds.)

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Those are the skeleton notes of an undergraduate direction given on the PCMI convention in 2003. I may still wish to thank the organisers and my viewers for a very relaxing 3 weeks. The record is written in LATEX2e and will be on hand in tex, playstation , pdf and clvi structure from my domestic web page

Analysis of SAR Data of the Polar Oceans: Recent Advances

This publication reports contemporary advances within the use of SAR imagery for operational purposes and for helping technological know-how investigations of the polar oceans. the real parameters which might be extracted from spaceborne SAR imagery are mentioned. Algorithms utilized in such analyses are defined and knowledge structures utilized in generating the ocean ice items are supplied.

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L). The main parts are a head tank of the overflow type with adjustable height, a tranquillizing chamber, a convergent, the test channel immersed in a tank (30 x 60 x 100 em), a weir fixing the outflow level, a downstream reservoir, pipe an pump to convey the return flow. The flow discharge is controlled by a valve and the height of the head tank where a screw provides for very fine adjusment. The total length of othe test channel being fixed by the size of the tank (1 m) the channel height was determined to provide sufficient lengths upstream and downtream of the step, L /h and L2/H (h, H = channel heights before and after the step) to insure f~lly developped laminar flow before the step and before the channel exit.

In "Finite Element Flow Analysis" (T. ) Tokyo Univ. Press, July 1982. [23] P. Hood, c. Taylor : A numerical solution of the Navier-Stokes equations using FEM. Computers and Fluids 1, p. 73-100 (1973). J. Hughes : Simple finite element scheme for developing upwind finite elements. Int. J. Num. Meth. Eng. 12, p. 1359-1365 (1978). J. Hughes, A. Brooks : A theoretical framework for Petrov-Galerkin methods with discontinuous weighting functions in Finite Elements in fluids, Vol. 4 (R. ), Wiley (1982).

Considering the accuracy, the maximum of deviation decreases one decade per 100 iterations. For the normal grid with constant subdivisions and a number of 21 x 81 points, which seems to be sufficient in largeness,the required accuracy of A~=fC-~ was reached within 120 seconds or 400 iterations. With a modified overrelaxation-method by taking an individual relaxationfactor for each nodal po~nt /6/, the results of other flow problems lead to a reduction of 50 % in the iteration-number and computation time.

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