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By Christoph Heller (auth.), Christoph Heller (eds.)

During the decade, capillary electrophoresis has been constructed right into a very robust analytical procedure, which has many benefits over traditional slab gel thoughts. the development is similar to the single occuring past within the box of chromatography, with the advent of the excessive functionality expertise. How vital this system has be­ come, is mirrored through the shear quantity of papers released every month; in addition to a dozen of books already released in this topic. essentially the most vital meetings within the box, the "International Symposium on excessive functionality Capillary Electrophoresis" draws now approximately thousand humans each year. As capillary electrophoresis may be utilized to many various analytical difficulties, a spe­ cialization is unavoidable. This evolution is additionally mirrored within the improvement of instrumen­ tation: while the 1st units have been designed for all attainable purposes, new tools are actually outfitted, which are really expert for one specific activity, e.g. DNA research. I a great deal welcome the choice of the sequence editor and the writer, to edit a sequence ofspecialized books, overlaying all facets of capillary electrophoresis. Having labored at the electrophoretic separation of DNA for a few years, i'm confident that there are such a lot of assorted elements in this factor that they deserve a complete publication on their lonesome. for this reason, i used to be chuffed to agree whilst being requested to edit this book.

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