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By Dr. rer. nat. Albrecht Böttcher, Prof. Dr. sc. nat. Bernd Silbermann (auth.)

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Those are the skeleton notes of an undergraduate direction given on the PCMI convention in 2003. I may still prefer to thank the organisers and my viewers for an exceptionally relaxing 3 weeks. The rfile is written in LATEX2e and may be to be had in tex, playstation , pdf and clvi layout from my domestic web page

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This publication reports contemporary advances within the use of SAR imagery for operational functions and for assisting technological know-how investigations of the polar oceans. the real parameters which might be extracted from spaceborne SAR imagery are mentioned. Algorithms utilized in such analyses are defined and knowledge platforms utilized in generating the ocean ice items are supplied.

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This factorization is unique up to a multiplicative constant. A remarkable property of HI functions is that log 1I1 E LI whenever I does not vanish identically. The outer function g occuring in the inner-outer factorization theorem can be obtained through (1) with 1p = 1/1. Examples of inner functions are: X,,(t) = trI (n ~ 0), 8(J(t) = exp ( at+l) -t-1 (a> 0), ba(t)

And M. Riesz theorem). A funetion in HI vanishes either almost everywhere or almost nowhere on T. In what follows we shall frequently identify functions in HP with their analytic extension in D. 40. Inner-outer factorization. e. on T. A function gEHl is said to be an outer lunction if its analytic extension can be represented in the form g(z) = c exp { - where cE T, 1p E LI, 1p says the following. 3* 1 21t ~ f 21"0 o } ei/! + z ---log1p(ei /l) df} , ei/! e. on T, log1p E LI. The inner-outer lactorization theorem 36 1.

18 we deduce that hE GH"". Now suppose h E GH"" and Jltp - hJl"" < 1. Then (1) holds and therefore the operator (2) is invertible. 18, T(h) E Gl'(H2), hence T*(tp) E G1'(H2) and thus T(tp) E Gl'(H2). 21. Lemma. Suppose B is a subset 01 L"" with the property that eb E B whenever c E ce " {O} and bEB. Let tp E L"" be a unimodular lunction. Then dist v '" (tp, B) < 1 il and only il there are a bEB and a sectoriallunction s E GL"" such that tp = bs. P roof. If distL"" (tp, B) < 1, then Jl1 - tp-1bJl"" = Jltp - bJl"" < 1 for some bEB.

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