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By Yuen Chung Kwong

A suite of 7 lengthy articles, this ebook discusses major tasks in scalable computing in quite a few examine companies worldwide. It represents quantitative and qualitative development of labor within the quarter.

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In the next few sections we describe our experimental platform in a bottom-up fashion. 7f. The 64 processors are distributed in 32 nodes, each with 512 MBytes of main memory, for a total of 16 GBytes of system memory. The nodes are assembled in a full hypercube topology with fixed-path routing. Each processor has separate 32 KByte instruction and data caches and a 4 MByte unified 2-way set associative second-level cache. The main memory is organized into pages of 16 KBytes. 5. System Emulation 27 memory buses support a peak bandwidth of 780 MBytes/s for both local and remote memory accesses.

It plays an important role in determining the amount of communication that takes place in the system, the cost of which is then determined by the performance parameters. The degree of clustering is the number of processors per node. 7 shows that for most applications greater clustering helps even if the memory configuration and bandwidths are kept the same 1 . We use cluster sizes of 1, 4, 8 and 16 processors, always keeping the total number of processors in the system at 16. These configurations cover the range from a uniprocessor node configuration to a cache-coherent, bus-based multiprocessor.

Barrier time is the time spent in barriers. Let us examine the results for each protocol. 9). g. copying, packing and unpacking of messages). However, the DW protocol sends more messages, both because it uses eager propagation and because it uses small messages. 9 that all applications benefit from the use of remote fetch even beyond DW, to varying degrees. Especially applications with high data wait times, like FFT, Water-spatial, Radix-local and Barnes-original see a large improvement in performance.

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