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Two fairly well-known abuses are spam/phishing emails and email worms. Spam emails are often commercially-motivated messages that are sent to innocent users. Although they have wasted a significant amount of human and machine resources, in general spam emails are benign in the sense that they do not carry harmful payloads. The so-called “phishing” emails could do more harm with the participation of an innocent user who may be fooled into trusting, for instance, a bogus web link and entering his username/password which is thus gleaned by the adversary.

2. Related Work Since direct fair-exchange between two parties is extremely inefficient on both aspects of computation and communication [11], realistic implementation of non-repudiation protocol needs a trusted third party (TTP), though the extent of the TPP’s involvement may be different. , two involved parties generate and submit proper digital items to the TTP, then the TTP checks the correctness of those items and forwards each item to the corresponding recipient. The shortcoming is that the TTP is likely to become a bottleneck in the system, due to the fact that it is involved in every step of exchange.

4) Fairness: At the end of a protocol execution, either the sender Alice obtained the evidence of receipt (EOR) and the receiver Bob got the corresponding message as well as the evidence of origin (EOO), or none of them can get those items. This property implies that even a dishonest party who tries to cheat cannot get an advantage over the honest party. , without any cooperation of the other (potentially malicious) party. (6) High Performance: In normal case, the fair-exchange is finished by exchanging 3 message flows and performing 6 asymmetrically cryptographic operations.

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