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By J.H. Brennan

This infrequent e-book contains options for Exploring and Experiencing the Boundless chances of the Astral aircraft.

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Continue suggestions of this type for a few minutes, telling the subiect that he is becoming more and more deeply relaxed, falling deeper and deeper asleep. When this is done, you can test for depth of trance as follows: 'Your body is now heavy because you're so relaxed. So very heavy as you're so relaxed. Your body is now heavy and your legs are heavy and your arms are heavy, heavy and relaxed. 'Your right arm is heavy, heavf and relaxed. So very heavy, heavy and relaxed. Too heavy to lift, its so heavy and relaxed.

If' fgr instance, he should find himief faced with an animal associated with some other Fath, he is immediately warned that something has gone wrong. There are also set symbols marking the centre point and ending of the Path. er ir all Astral iourneys, the return trip must reuace the outgoing - Path. Results of Path Workings, properly conducted, are usually very interesting. Gareth Knight reports* a case of clairvoyance developed by this mians. My own experience, over a brief series of Workings, was that there appeared a sudden tendency to change in the lives of those taking part.

So fai I have siresied the dangers of Astral journeys. As-a balance, I might conclude this chapier with the brief comment of a novice immediately after his first Path Working. 'I feel marvellousr' he said. t THE ORIENTAL DOORWAYS CX{APTER EIGTIT THE ORIENTAL DOORWAYS 'It is a dubious task indeed to try to introduce to a critical modern public a collection of archaic "magic spells" with the idea of making them more or less acceptable. '-C-arl G. Jung: I Ching. There was also more to the I Ching than met my eye when I started using it.

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