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Excess of only a scholarly dissertation on out-of-body reviews, Astral Projections examines the medical and non-scientific proof of this extraordinary prevalence. you will find every thing from managed laboratory experiments to Steiger's paintings with colour and Peruvian whistling vessels as technique of controlling your out-of-body experiences.Take half in experiments that would let you know approximately your earlier lifestyles. might be you have been a peasant, a soldier or perhaps an aristocrat. become aware of how those earlier lives have an effect on how you at the moment are. think with the ability to touch long-dead family. What may well you do with the information they could cross directly to you? examine quite a few suggestions that would let you undertaking your spirit from your actual physique and discover why those that have mastered astral go back and forth haven't any worry of dying.

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It is one of my personal hypotheses that "psi" abilities operate most efficaciously when there is a psychological need for them to come into being. Such a need might exist under severe emotional stress, physical disability, illness or any time when the normal channels of sensory communication are blocked. Ed Morrell was introduced to the mystery of out-of-body experience when he was in the depths of despair and agony, but he, unlike certain adepts, was unable to exercise the phenomenon at will.

Of Georgia wrote me that she lay down one night to take a short nap after dinner and felt herself suddenly outside her body. Thinking it only a very realistic kind of dream, Mrs. M. relaxed and allowed the "dream" to carry her consciousness along through the night sky. Suddenly she was in a hotel room. "I knew that it was a hotel room the moment I 'landed' there," Mrs. M. wrote. "It just had that feel to it. I took note of the furniture, the bedspread, and I read the rules for overnight guests tacked behind the door.

I took note of the furniture, the bedspread, and I read the rules for overnight guests tacked behind the door. The room had been freshly carpeted and appeared to be very modern, but I was surprised to see that it had an old-fashioned bathtub. . one of those with the legs shaped like claws gripping balls. "I looked out the window and I could see a neon light flashing on and off to the right. It was advertising a milk product from a certain dairy. "I was just beginning to feel a bit uneasy, like maybe all this wasn't a dream, when I felt a strange sensation along the entire length of my body, as if something were pulling at me.

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