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Come discover the astral realm. Meet spirit helpers and publications, achieve perception on earlier occasions or attainable futures, and event freedom and experience you will have basically dreamed approximately. Astral Projection simple & easy teaches you the way to undertaking simply, clearly, and effectively. this entire consultant is entire in scope, with step by step directions for either simple and complex suggestions. you will discover many ways to profit, create, and easily celebrate at the astral aircraft, together with the right way to: —Perform astral therapeutic suggestions —Develop your psychic power —Create an astral "watcher" to collect details —Increase your artistic and problem-solving talents —Experience astral love and intercourse —Encounter cherished pets who've crossed over —Travel via time to discover earlier eras and areas —Meet elementals—the "native population" of the astral realm

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In its mid-range of density, astral substance serves for a number of valuable purposes, including the creation of a functional body in which our consciousness can comfortably travel, feel and do. And when you direct it forth, but keep your consciousness in your physical body meanwhile, it is capable of a number of psychic feats, of which psychokinesis is an example. 39 40 Chapter 6 Free-flowing astral substance Sometimes such things as psychokinesis can occur quite without a person's volition. " To some people, such happenings are almost a commonplace although they have no idea how they do it.

By taking these two factors into account - the solar and lunar tides - you ensure that your work is founded in vital astral energy, and that you control it with undiminished strength and reason. Creating and Sending the Watcher 1. Commence with the Setting apart of the place. 2. Perform the Foundation technique. 3. From the region of your upper abdomen, imagine astral substance, as a silver-gray stream of light, being sent forth to a distance of about eight feet from your physical body, where it forms a luminous cloud, also of silver-gray light.

5. Close your hands over the ball, with the fingertips and the thumbs of the two hands touching. 6. Raise your joined hands and, keeping the thumbs together, part the little fingers so as to open the hands away from you. 7. Blow gently upon the ball. 8. Form a clear idea of the person for whom the blessing is intended, their circumstances and their need - and send the ball forth. 9. After a while, say about five minutes, recall the ball. 10. Perform the steps outlined in Concluding the astral session.

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