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" ... this is often a good compilation of knowledge which will be at the bookshelves of all analysts drawn to the benzodiazepines. it truly is to be was hoping that, with the creation of such a lot of new ben­ zodiazepines, the writer will quick upload those in a moment edi­ tion" (A. C. Moffat in: traits in Analytical Chemistry, 1983). This evaluate, deputizing for lots of others, displays the pleasant reception loved by means of the 1st quantity of Benzodiazepines, which used to be released in 1982 and it sounds as if closed a spot within the ben­ zodiazepine literature. meanwhile, Benzodiazepines has verified itself as a customary booklet, as evidenced through a number of letters and quotations. feedback have been additionally quickly made for a brand new version in view of the surprisingly fast improvement within the box of the benzodiazepines. It turned quick seen, besides the fact that, that it can now not be enough to submit a revised moment version, yet thoroughly new moment quantity will be required for which, even though, the profitable earlier structure should be principally retained. the next concerns appear worthy declaring in reference to the instruction of quantity II: - to make sure continuity with quantity I so far as attainable, the record of references was once consecutively numbered (references 1 to 3779 in quantity I, references 3780 to 11338 in quantity II). while in Vol. I the components seem within the sequential order in their historic improvement they're indexed in alphabetical order in Vol. II.

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List of Vol. No. R~-va1ues Corrected Rf-Values in 10 Systems (R~-Values) Subst. 5-Diamino-2'-chlorbenzophenone (DCB) 41 46 55 82 80 80 74 5 59 61 3 41 72 52 45 62 30 48 40 (CCB) 63 52 27 Flurazepam 28 N-1-Desalkyl-Flurazepam 34 45 60 72 83 88 75 2 56 58 29 N-1-Hydroxyethyl-Flurazepam 19 28 54 61 81 82 74 2 46 55 30 2-Diethylamino-ethylamino-5chlor-2'-fluor-benzophenone (DCFB) 9 8 41 83 45 51 67 53 60 51 31 2-Amino-5-chlor-2'-fluorbenzophenone (ACFB) 76 68 74 86 89 93 78 11 75 70 32 2-Hydroxyethylamino-5-chlor2'-fluor-benzophenone (HCFB) 48 50 57 82 87 91 77 7 60 66 33 Bromazepam 13 20 47 64 74 69 61 12 41 53 34 3-Hydroxy-Bromazepam o 6 26 39 73 61 61 o 24 28 35 2-(2-Amino-5-brom-benzoyl)pyridine 64 61 66 85 86 88 77 9 68 69 (ABP) 45 Table 2 (continued) Corrected Rf-Values in 10 Systems (R~-Values) No.

L, NFN) U 33030 Halcion R - Novidorm - Nuctane - Songar - Biotransformation ~ lH3 N ~N + conjugates CllO() 65 ~ Biotransformation of Adinazolam Mono-N-Demethyladinazolam [assumed] C~N HOCHrf=NN Cl~N}OH _ 68 ( ] N"-HydroxyAlprazolam t CH:rfNN N-t{ Cl-OC) 66 OJ 1 Cl N\OH __I ~ D r HOCHTfN, - Alprazolam + Cl~j 0 67 conjugates GL-Hydroxy~ ! Alprazolam ~D CI~ Biotransformation of Alprazolam [9662,11320] 23 fr ~ OH NH 2 6 B~C=O r69 U! "". 70 HP,~, j ~~ 71 D C( ! N.. --~CH2 C=N ~ ! Nor-Diazepam ! / ' CI ......

Run the chromatogram until the solvent front has travelled 15 cm, to obtain better resolution between ACB, ADB and ACFB. Use the ascending method, without chamber saturation. No special activation of the plates is needed, and would not improve the results anyway. Use about 100 mL of toluence as the mobile phase. plate to drip in the development tank for a short time, then dry it in a cold air-stream under the fume-hood. g. a sun-lamp) at a distance of 30-40 cm for about 20 min. For rapid analysis a 6-min exposure is sufficient.

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