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By Geraldine Cummins

During this sequel to the line to Immortality, Geraldine Cummins keeps to relay messages from a deceased entity purporting to be the eminent psychologist and psychical researcher, F. W. H. Myers. In her earlier e-book Myers spoke in regards to the states of being we discover ourselves after actual dying, and now he expands on those topics explaining how those states are an accumulation of our recommendations, thoughts, and activities - a made up global in case you like, made by means of us - a airplane of phantasm. the following, we create our personal Hell, our personal Purgatory, and our personal Paradise, now not a few judgmental God in a white gown. As Myers issues out: "Out of the stories of earth the soul creates his setting, builds, via his mind's eye, the specific dream, the primal item of his appetites or wishes in this kingdom of Illusion." Like a dad or mum guiding a toddler, Myers does not pass judgement on, yet he urges us to contemplate a existence except gold - a lifestyles with no materialism. He talks commonly approximately reincarnation, judgment, the relatives crew, and particularly, the seven planes of life; seven speeds of vibration, the seven so-called-realities that almost all folks will adventure prior to we go into timelessness, Eternity, Heaven, Nirvana - name it what you'll. On Jesus, he has this to assert: "Jesus of Nazareth used to be Son of God simply because He descended to earth, and, emerging back, gone through all of the seven degrees of recognition, achieving with out permit or drawback, to union with the writer. It was once now not useful for Him to exist on those quite a few planes in the numerous worlds created by way of the traveling souls. For already He was once very God, already He had that non secular strength which enabled Him to carry all of the universes in the grab of His cognizance, inside of an all-embracing love."

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For, even if he were capable of expressing the whole truth, yet he may not utter it for there is no language created by finite minds which can convey a clear and whole conception of God and universal life. A discarnate or incarnate being can, in fragmentary fashion, reveal some aspect of the Whole Truth, but each interpretation of the Mystery of God and Creation is coloured by the natural and instinctive prejudices of his mind. So what was one vision becomes many visions all differing from each other in some particular.

The term "ether" is a bad one. I wish we could find a more suggestive word. I agree with you concerning its properties. " Let us find a word that conveys that meaning. May I say that you are right in your conclusion that mind does not work directly on the brain. There is an etheric body which is the link between mind and the cells of the brain. I would like to explain certain points in that connection. I am aware that of late years scientists speak of corpuscular particles. May I suggest that far more minute corpuscular particles than those already known travel along threads from the etheric body, or double, to certain regions of the body and to the brain.

But Margery is not frightened; she is sensible of an 45 extraordinary exhilaration, of an increased mental vigour, and, for the first time in her history, she feels like a bird floating happily, as it were, on the wind, drifting peacefully within the Unknown. After a while thoughts of those near and dear to her, who have already made the crossing of death, fill her mind; she desires their presence, and her urgent thought sounds like a voice through this apparently soundless world. Swiftly they appear; for they have loved her dearly, and so are in tune with her mind and may hear its thoughts if directed towards them.

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