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T h e class consisted of 15 officers of the CHP, n o n e of w h o m were previously trained in bloodstain p a t t e r n analysis. T h e scenes were to be seven rooms at the firing range with a dirt b e r m back drop. Six rooms were used as g u n s h o t experiments. T h e seventh was used to construct a beating assault m o c k scene for cornparison. 40 The problem with projection formula is that the shadow is a function of the light source, not a relationship between a sphere and its contact with a surface.

INTERPRETED FROM PHOTOGRAPHS Figure 5-3 View of victim as found. Note position of nose upward from area between her eyebrows. The predominance of other possible blood sources involved flows and transfers (Figure 5-3). The source for flows was limited to the abrasion between the victim's eyebrows. Blood was seen on her lips and left cheek, with some r a n d o m spatters on her bra. Note that the photographs were taken after paramedics attached cardiac leads. Any bloodspatters seen would need verification that resuscitation efforts were not responsible for distribution of drops.

Vergences alone, however, locates a general position of the origin rather than 8Wonder, Blood Dynamics, 85. 39 40 BLOODSTAIN PATTERN EVIDENCE a specific locus of points, and should not replace the formal reconstruction. Still, confirmation is always beneficial. With the excellent mathematical and physics minds working on this technique, the future will no d o u b t include u p d a t e d principles and corrections of errors in reasoning. At the p r e s e n t time it is i m p o r t a n t to recognize that the t e c h n i q u e does a p p e a r to work, as seen in h u n d r e d s of m o c k crime scene exercises.

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