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By Jean Lemaire

Most insurers worldwide have brought a few kind of merit-rating in motor vehicle 3rd social gathering legal responsibility assurance. Such platforms, penalizing at-fault injuries via top rate surcharges and profitable claim-free years by way of reductions, are known as bonus-malus structures (BMS) in Europe and Asia. With the present deregulation developments that trouble such a lot coverage markets all over the world, many businesses might want to increase their very own BMS. the most target of the e-book is to supply them types to layout BMS that meet their targets.
half I of the e-book includes an total presentation of the professionals and cons of merit-rating, a case examine and a evaluation of different chance distributions that may be used to version the variety of claims in an car portfolio. partly II, 30 structures from 22 diversified international locations, are evaluated and ranked based on their `toughness' in the direction of policyholders. 4 instruments are created to guage that sturdiness and supply a tentative category of all platforms. Then, issue research is used to combination and summarize the knowledge, and supply a last score of all platforms. half III is an updated evaluation of the entire likelihood types which were proposed for the layout of an optimum BMS. the applying of those versions might allow the reader to plan the procedure that's preferrred to the habit of the policyholders of his personal coverage corporation. eventually, half IV analyses a substitute for BMS; the creation of a coverage with a deductible.

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The most widely used statistical test to evaluate the goodness of a fit is the standard Xl (see, for instance, Gossiaux and Lemaire, 1981, and Besson and Partrat. ) Let m denote the maximum number of claims in the observed distribution, and r the number of estimated parameters. Then, if parameters are multinomial (based on grouped data) maximum likelihood estimators, the statistic MODELS FOR THE CLAIM NUMBER DISTRIBUTION is asymptotically distributed according to a X2 distribution with m-r degrees of freedom.

O. 3. Let t and t' be two disjoint time intervals. P[N(t'}=k'], MODELS FOR CLAIM NUMBER DISTRIBUTIONS 22 (A function f(x) is o(h) if limh~o f(h)/h = 0). The first property implies that the probability of an accident during a small interval (t,t+~t) is, ignoring higher-order terms, proportional to the duration of the interval. In particular, it does not depend on the start of the interval. The second assumption requires the probability of two or more accidents in this time interval to be negligible.

Even though these few insureds might create high X2 values, it is of very little importance to the company whether the selected model overcharges or undercharges them. Moreover. the insurer is likely to try to eliminate these bad risks from its portfolio. Alternative Tests. The X2 test is the best known among all goodness-of-fit tests, due to its flexibility. It is the most practical, easy-to-use, flexible test and can be applied in most situations. It is, however, not the most powerful test, due to the discarding of information resulting from the grouping of classes and the arbitrariness in the selection of classes in the continuous case.

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