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A dialogue of the basics and necessities of either magick and mysticism. Illustrated. word list.

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The top of the Altar shall be covered with gold, and on this gold should be engraved some such figure as the Holy Oblation, or the New Jerusalem, or, if he have the skill, the Microcosm of Vitruvius, of which we give illustrations. On the sides of the Altar are also sometimes drawn the great tablets of the elements, and the sigils of the holy elemental kings, as shown in The Equinox, No. VII; for these are syntheses of the forces of Nature. Yet these are rather special than general symbols, and this book purports to treat only of the grand principles of working.

The Altar is connected with the Ark of the Covenant, Noah’s Ark, the nave (“navis,” a ship) of the Church, and many other symbols of antiquity, whose symbolism has been well worked out in an anonymous book called “The Cannon,” WEH footnote: written by William Stirling (Elkin Mathews), which should be studied carefully before constructing the Altar. For this Altar must embody the Magician’s knowledge of the laws of Nature, which are the laws through which he works. He should endeavour to make geometrical constructions to symbolize cosmic measurements.

That is the fact of practical importance. We do know that persons can be trained to do things which they could not do without training — and anyone who remarks that you cannot train a person unless it is his destiny to be trained is quite unpractical. Equally it is the destiny of the trainer to train. There is a fallacy in the determinist argument similar to the fallacy which is the root of all “systems” of gambling at Roulette. The odds are just over three to one against red coming up twice running; but after red has come up once the conditions are changed.

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