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By Fabian Vogelsteller

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Create an entire internet web publication from frontend to backend that makes use of in basic terms JavaScript
Understand how internet 2.0 is made by means of strong browser-based applications
Step-by-step educational that would exhibit you the way speedy, advanced internet functions could be built
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If you're a internet developer with simple wisdom of JavaScript and need to tackle internet 2.0, construct real-time purposes, or just are looking to write a whole software utilizing in basic terms JavaScript and HTML/CSS, this is often the publication for you.

This ebook relies on Meteor 1.0.

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But any time users notice any of this, and most especially if it gets in their way, your code has probably intruded on their experience. There is a very fine line between a whiz-bang feature that your users will feel empowers them and an annoying feature that they dread. Proper error handling is also a tenet of responsible JavaScript. Error handling in JavaScript used to amount to not much more than letting the browser display whatever error messages it needed to! After a while, people discovered that they could hook into the error-handling mechanism and present their own error messages, but it still amounted to little more than a message to the user saying, “Sorry, something went wrong.

Basic object-orientation: the data and the function that operates on it are encapsulated nicely. 25 26 CHAPTER 1 ■ A BRIEF HISTORY OF JAVASCRIPT None of this is anything special or unusual in most other modern languages, but it took a while to find its way into JavaScript. Object-orientation isn’t the final word in JavaScript’s evolution to the modern day, however. A few others concepts come into play. “Responsible” JavaScript: Signs and Portents Responsibility may seem like an odd term to use with regard to a programming language.

12 CHAPTER 1 ■ A BRIEF HISTORY OF JAVASCRIPT Figure 1-4. 2180, latest as of this writing) Lest anyone think something fishy is going on, these speed tests were run on the same PC, without virtual machines or anything like that. So the difference is attributable to the browsers almost entirely. It’s possible that differences at runtime in the operating system itself could have had an impact. But I actually went so far as to reboot before running each test and didn’t load anything else, so it was roughly as close to identical at runtime as could reasonably be expected.

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