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By Jacqueline Mitton

This lavishly illustrated new dictionary written by means of an skilled author and advisor on astronomy presents a necessary advisor to the universe for beginner astronomers of every age. round 1300 rigorously chosen and cross-referenced entries are complemented via hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous color illustrations, taken from area missions, the Hubble house Telescope, and different significant observatories in the world and in house. individual stellar illustrator Wil Tirion has drawn 20 new superstar maps in particular for inclusion right here. A myriad of named astronomical items, constellations, observatories and house missions are defined intimately, in addition to biographical sketches for 70 of the main luminous members within the background of astronomy and house technology. Acronyms and professional phrases are truly defined, making for the main thorough and thoroughly assembled reference source that lecturers and lovers of astronomy will ever want.

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Auriga (The Charioteer) A large and prominent northerly constellation, described from ancient times as representing a charioteer. Its brightest star is ä Capella, associated by the Greeks with the mythological she-goat Amalthea, who nurtured the infant Zeus. ’’ The star Elnath, formerly designated Gamma Aurigae and shared with the neighboring constellation of Taurus, now officially belongs to Taurus as Beta Tauri. aurora (pl. auroras or aurorae) A display of luminous colors in the night sky. The lights often take the form of rays, moving curtains or a band in the east–west direction.

They are known as ä contact binaries. The energy released results in the emission of X-rays. ä Novae are another consequence of material being transferred between partners in certain binary stars. In an eclipsing binary, the orbits of the stars are oriented so that one of them crosses in front of the other as seen from the Earth. Eclipsing binaries are also variables since one star periodically blots out light from the other. binoculars An optical instrument consisting of two small telescopes, mounted side by side, one for each eye.

Big Bang An explanation of the history of the universe that says it began in an infinitely compact state and has been expanding ever since. This theory is widely accepted because it explains both the ä expanding universe and the existence of ä cosmic background radiation. 7 billion years ago. Big Bear Solar Observatory A solar observatory located at an altitude of 2000 m (6600 feet) on an island in Big Bear Lake in California. The site was chosen because the air is steadier over water than over land.

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