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These results support the robustness of RaSH protocol in cloning differentially expressed genes. Cloning Differentially Expressed Genes Using RaSH 25 Fig. 2. Reverse Northern blot analysis of differentially expressed sequences identified by RaSH. 2% agarose gels. Samples were electrophoresed and transferred onto nylon membranes. The membranes were then hybridized with 32P-labeled cDNA reverse transcribed RNA samples from poorly metastatic parental M4Beu cell line (A,C,E) or highly metastatic variant T1P26R (B,D,F).

Johnson, R. , and Pomp, D. (2004) Evaluation of gene expression in pigs selected for enhanced reproduction using differential display PCR and human microarrays. J. Anim. Sci. 82, 17–31. 25. Zhang, W. , Liu, W. , and Li, Y. Y. (2004) Study of genes related to gastric cancer and its premalignant lesions with fluorescent differential display. Ai Zheng. 23, 264–268. 26. , et al. (2004) Gene expression profile of human bone marrow stromal cells determined by restriction fragment differential display analysis.

During its initial phase of development high quality expression arrays were very scarce and most were generated by homemade equipment. In the subsequent years, owing to the enormous progress that had been made by sequencing consortia the genome of many species became known. Also, the quality of microarrays increased and with the full genome sequence information becoming available, synthetic microarrays, which can incorporate all known and predicted genes in a given species can be produced. One might think that the development of whole genome microarrays will make SAGE obsolete.

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