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By Cassandra Eason

Use the traditional strength of candles to hold out rituals, cheer festivities, rejoice rites of passage, and lots more and plenty extra. start the candle attraction by means of matching the colour to the paintings you need to do; hyperlink candles to astrology; keep in mind earlier lives; practice therapeutic ceremonies; and triumph over fears. fragrance the air with scented candles--each aroma has a different value. Inscribe a candle together with your private needs. pleasing pictures and directions for rituals will consultant you in this undying course

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Keel was born in monster country—on a farm near Silver Lake, New York, home of one of America's native sea serpents. He began writing articles on UFOs in 1945, two years before the great UFOmania began. In 1952 he produced a Halloween broadcast from Frankenstein Castle in Germany, and in 1954 he saw his first flying saucer—while exploring the Upper Nile on an Egyptology kick. For years Keel wandered about Asia in search of the strange and occult. The last American to enter Tibet from the Indian side, he spent weeks tracking the Abominable Snowman.

In West Virginia more than one hundred sober, God-fearing people have seen some sort of tall, gray human-like figure with wings since 1966. " A similar creature horrified four teenagers in Kent, England, back in 1963. These are only a few of the examples in our lexicon of monsters and ambling nightmares. There are hundreds more and we will try to give a comprehensive, documented account of each one as we go along. Unfortunately there is very little scientific evidence that any of these things really exist.

It does not suck the blood. Scientists believe that the bat's saliva contains an anticoagulant, which keeps the blood flowing even after the nasty little fellow has had his dinner. ) The vampire bat is a greedy character and will lap up blood until his small body is nearly spherical. Then he clumsily spreads his wings and flutters off to his cave to sleep it off. Human victims are nearly always bitten in the toes. Explorers and peasants in the back hills of Central America frequently wake up in the morning to find their feet, which had been sticking out from under the sheets—if they were using sheets—covered with blood.

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