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By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Non secular lifestyles is a strategy of internal transformation within which the complete psychic constitution of the seeker is modified. Exploring the edge among psychology and spirituality, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee indicates how dreamwork publications us in this internal trip and is helping us to appreciate different phases of the trail. He explores the mental dynamics of the connection with the instructor, so frequently misunderstood within the West, after which describes what's infrequently pointed out within the nice religious literature of the area: how the soul of the disciple merges with the soul of the instructor. This e-book is a reedited model of the decision and the Echo, mixed with the most vital fabric from the author's first publication, the sweetheart and the Serpent.

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And just as this is true on the outer stage of human relationships, it is also true of the inner dynamic within the psyche. The inner and outer mirror each other. The king’s impotence is the inability of the dreamer’s conditioning to relate to her real self. Because of this, while the king remains in power there can be no inner growth. It is often only when a cycle is ending that we become fully conscious of its dynamic. In bed with the king for the last time, the dreamer realizes that she is 22 The Fools of God only an object to him.

The attitude in the second dream is very different; it is imaged by an American Indian sitting in dhyana. Dhyana is the meditation of the heart practiced on this Sufi path. The wayfarer fills the heart with love, and as thoughts come into the mind, they are drowned in the heart. Technically it is not meditation, but a form of yogic relaxation, in which, as the heart chakra is activated, the individual mind is thrown into the universal mind. Through surrendering the mind to the heart, the seeker surrenders the ego to the energies of love that will transform the psyche and give birth to the Self.

At this moment in the dream she realizes that the old king is her father. As her father’s mistress she was caught within the Oedipus complex, the primary stage of sexual identification in which the son is in love with his mother and the daughter with her father. In this unconscious dynamic a girl first connects with her own sexuality, her own deep femininity, through her relationship with her father. 30 But the dreamer’s father has given her a ring made of four silver threads. Silver is the color of the 27 Catching the Thread feminine, and four the number of psychological wholeness.

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