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By Isaac Asimov

Chrono-minets est un recueil de nouvelles de science-fiction d'Isaac Asimov composé à partir du recueil unique anglais The Early Asimov publié en 1972. Ce recueil a été découpé en France en quatre events : Chrono-minets en est l. a. troisième et a été publiée pour l. a. première fois en 1975.

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Isabeau was always amused when he appeared in some strange disguise and the company pretended not to recognize him—although of course they all did. He would declare himself overwhelmed by Isabeau’s beauty, flirt with her outrageously…and the finale was that he was the King after all. It was an old trick of which everyone was aware, but it was always greeted with rapturous applause. They went to a great deal of trouble to make their costumes. They were sewn up in linen to which tow was stuck with a sort of resin glue so that the effect was that of hairy apes.

Sometimes she came to see us children; and when she did she was shocked by the way we lived and set about changing it. Our food was not adequate, she said. We were growing children and we needed new clothes from time to time. Odette began to give orders and they were obeyed. -Paul became more tolerable. Because I was so young, there were great gaps in my knowledge which made it difficult for me to grasp all that was going on around me. I pieced together what I heard and a great deal of conjecture was necessary; but I really was beginning to understand a little, and it is so much easier to bear adversity if one knows the reason for it.

But he was, I believed, as overawed as the rest of us. We bowed as we had been taught. My mother patted Charles’s head while he looked up at her with those bewildered eyes, and then Louis did what was expected of him and ceased to look sullen. I noticed the lady with the pleasant face smiling at us. I returned her smile and she seemed pleased. The Duke of Orléans—our splendid uncle—gave us an amused smile and they all swept past. I believe they went up to my father’s apartments, and we were taken to the schoolroom by our governess.

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