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Hock Hochheim DMS Strike 9) The low right strike. DMS Strike 10) High right tip hook (Bayonet here) with a subtle follow up of a rear pommel (stock here). DMS Strike 11) High left tip hook (butt stock here) with follow-up hit of tip (bayonet). Training Mission Three Page 46 W. Hock Hochheim DMS Strike 12) A downward shaft strike. DMS Strike 13) The forward thrust. Training Mission Three DMS Strike 14) An upward pommel strike or butt stroke. Page 47 W. Hock Hochheim DMS Strike 15) An upward tip or bayonet slash.

W. Hock Hochheim Knee Strike Option Awareness Combat Scenarios (OPSC) Knee versus Puncher After performing some of the skill drills, the knee strike applications should be obvious. Here are a few samples, two of which are not often seen demonstrated, but are often quite viable. Knee OPSC 1) Block, Knee, Hammer Down The opponent shoves you, or punches you. You block, forearm strike, then try to grab the arm and pull the stunned man down. Deliver any angle of knee attack you need to hit the torso.

Marine Colonel Anthony Drexel Biddle was a pioneer in Marine Corps combatives, forging many ideas from boxing, jujisu, fencing and other martial systems. One such was this two-hand to one-hand stabbing thrust with a step, perfect for a bayonet stab or a prodding, stick attack. Starting position DMS strike #13 Let go with the lead hand, step and thrust. Retract into a combat-ready position. His view! Training Mission Three Page 54 W. Hock Hochheim The DMS Statue Drill Throughout the CQC courses we use the so-called statue drill, first introduced in Training Mission One and reviewed in the prior Unarmed Combatives level of this book.

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