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Tj: 'kind of measure'; from Heb. lepa through Greek transcription oiplu; also Te. 'uJ Note that Heb. 61). '; 'affo-nu. f'3, 'af'a htj:>, : htt:h 'out, outSIde, outsIde part outdoors. outward, out"de of on the outsld~, beyond'; with suffix pronoun, c g. ba'aJ'a-hu 'outside of it' , ~receded or fOllow~ by prepOSitions : b,,· '''I '0 outsl~e, Outwardly, "nta 'a('aabroad. out, doors, 'ilmanna laf'iI. >,ml'a('o 'outside of from without', 'iJska 'af'a 'out, outdoors. ,u/,j '3nE, 'apa 'iJmJnna 'outside of~ .

Ama fast/'U 'fa'GIn/ruh d eleventh day of the month', lit. 'the tent ay and the 6"t day'); , . ' k'~II" 'anllra 'all day'. lalla 'anllru every day. w~'iHa 'dlnEra 'on that day'; ETHIOPIC'" Gar, OVft13ra 'sun', Gurage. ~mir •. _):"'~Ii" 27 'amat (pI. 'Jmaliil) hOOT 'cubit, forearm. M) measure by cubits:. • 'ammata (Y). 'ammala (T) measure by cubits (denominative): SUtlTlC: SAr. 'mt (pI. 'mm, 'mn) 'cubit', Soq. 'emeh. Heb. 'amma. anc. Aram. 'mh, Syr 'an1mala, Ug. amr Md. ama, Akk. ammaru. ETH'IOPIC: Te.

L1drm 'hIde, skin,Jeather'. ssibly fro~ the red or brown color; see 'addamm·I'l); also 10 Tc Tna. 'odim 'leather', Amh, ad/m 'red lcat~er'. HaT adim 'tanned hIde (mostly red)' ; passed Into Cushnic' Bd, odim ' hide of brownish color'. Som. Min. dimii hli. 9" 'paradise'; from Heb. ~. ; also Amh. edom 'Eden. garden of Paradise . 304). ee H. 487-490. h 'owl'; transcription of Heb. ramm~I{Is. name of an idol; also in SyT. ·aiframelk. c::,. C:'''' (D 1406) 'assembly of elders, council'. ll (K*) 'myrtle, plant which has fragrant leaves that are used for perfuming butter to be put on the hair' ; SeMITIC: Ar.

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