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By Jacques Vallee

In CONFRONTATIONS, the second one quantity of a trilogy, Dr. Jacques Vallee in my view investigates 40 remarkable alien craft circumstances from all over the world. He unearths it surprising that pro scientists have by no means heavily tested this fabric. This ebook is ready the hopes, reviews, and the frustrations of a scientist who has long gone into the sector to enquire a strange, seductive, and infrequently terrifying phenomenon pronounced by means of many witnesses as a touch with an alien kind of intelligence.

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It is Venus, or Love, the "fulfillment of all," as Christ himself declared. This star is fundamentally the Sulphur (Sol) of the Sages, and it reaches the state (plane, or planet) of Venus (Copper) just AFTER the White Work, and from this one goes on to Gold. If you read the Song of Solomon, you have a very poetical account of the confection of this Wonder Stone. " No one who had not witnessed the transcendent glory of this love, as exhibited in the Vase of Art, could ever have been inspired to write of this love so beautifully.

The heat and dryness eventually conquer the cold and moisture, so that what was liquid passes permanently into a dry state, but in the by process the potency of the Fire principle is sublimated and intensified to a degree unknown to modern science. Science is only just beginning to understand the meaning and power of latent heat. Indeed, heat is latent in everything, else how could simple friction bring it out; and by a slight change, or intensification of the process, this heat becomes electric, then magnetic, then luminous, showing its true spiritual nature.

Why should the Jews be an exception? Why should people take every word of the Jewish Bible, from the account of the creation down, as literally true? Why believe in the actuality of the doings of Moses, more than in the exploits of Agamemnon? This myth of Solomon and the building of the Temple forms the foundation for the ritual of a great secret society, all the members of which are well enough aware that the story itself is a myth, but yet they realize, as everyone must, that there is something inherently vital about it, to have caused it to persist to the present time.

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