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By André Michard, Omar Saddiqi, Ahmed Chalouan, Dominique Frizon de Lamotte

Morocco is likely one of the such a lot attention-grabbing lands on the earth from the perspective of its geological constitution and evolution. Our wisdom at the geology of the rustic has been tremendously more advantageous over the past a long time, according to quite a few seismic profiles and boreholes, seismological research of focal mechanisms, seismic tomography, gravimetric/geodetic modelling and, nonetheless, in keeping with a major nationwide application of Geological Mapping together with smooth geochemical analyses (trace components) and trustworthy isotopic datings (39Ar-40Ar, U-Pb zircon, Sm-Nd, etc). furthermore, a few educational experiences were played in relation with the expanding variety of Moroccan universities. therefore, there has been an utmost urgency to adopt a brand new treatise of Moroccan geology that can replacement for the classical El?ments de g?ologie marocaine, released in 1976 via A. Michard within the Notes et M?moires du carrier g?ologique du Maroc (re-edited two times given that 1976, with greater than 6000 copies bought, and… translated in jap for engineers!). a brand new treatise has been ready among April 2006 and July 2007 lower than the coordination of A. Michard, assisted via O. Saddiqi, and A. Chalouan, by means of a large panel of authors from Morocco, France or Belgium top-of-the-line connoisseurs of the rustic. with a view to emphasize the overall curiosity of the ebook, we eventually hold the subsequent name: Continental Evolution: The Geology of Morocco. constitution, Stratigraphy, and Tectonics of the Africa-Atlantic-Mediterranean Triple junction. The enhancing and construction of this e-book used to be supported through the next companies: The Geological Society of  France (SGF) The nationwide workplace of Hydrocarbons and Mines of Morocco (ONHYM) The foreign Lithosphere application (ILP)  

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The peripheral domain at the border of the craton, deformed during the Pan-African orogeny, then broadly stable and displaying a 130–150 km thick lithosphere are labelled “metacratonic areas”. Toward the Atlantic Ocean, the Moroccan land is bordered by a 50–100 km-wide marine continental plateau. This shallow marine plateau is limited westward by a large continental slope, about 3000 m-high and 100 km-wide, which leads to the abyssal plains. g. Fig. 22). The continental slope corresponds to the eastern passive margin of the Central Atlantic Ocean, conjugate to the Nova Scotia margin of North America (Fig.

East-verging thrusts of “reworked” Precambrian material emplaced upon the western margin of the Reguibat Shield (Adrar Souttouf-Dhlou = Ouled Dhlim) during the Carboniferous, in the northern continuation of the Mauritanide belt. Late Paleozoic deformation remains moderate in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas and Algerian 1 An Outline of the Geology of Morocco * PIII 15 Ad PIII SB * PI (orthogneiss, dykes) ESE A V Zenaga inlier PIII PIII NE B V Bou Azzer inlier Fig. 13 Unconformities on top of the eroded Pan-African belt in the Central Anti-Atlas.

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