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The moment publication within the sequence comprises 143 extra quatrains written and deciphered through Nostradamus himself. Dolores Cannon has pierced the veil of the space/time continuum via her use of regressive hypnosis, to convey us warnings of occasions to return. Nostradamus emphasised that humanity may switch the long run in the event that they knew which of the a number of time-lines they have been touring on, and what the result of the trail have been. Humanity isn't really powerless. throughout the strength of trained minds a lot of the horror visible via Nostradamus will be avoided. those new revised variants of the Conversations with Nostradamus trilogy include updates of occasions that experience already happened because the unique printing in 1989. Will the others additionally happen? Fasten your seatbelts, you are in for a brain blowing experience with this one! you are approximately to take a flight right into a position the place time does not exist. the place the recognized quatrains are decoded by way of no-other than the guy Nostradamus himself. those volumes are an exhilarating trip into the geographical regions of undying and metaphysical experience. "Fabulous interpreting and intensely good written." - pals evaluate. This quantity comprises: extra concerning the upward thrust and the positioning of the Anti-Christ, together with his horoscope. The correlation of 666 (the mark of the beast) and desktops. extra concerning the 3rd international battle and what nations should be affected. How AIDS used to be a deliberate sickness by way of these in energy, and whilst the treatment may be came across. harmful new expertise to regulate the elements and earthquakes. Maps displaying the parts of the continents that might stay after the axis shift and the melting of polar icecaps. Horoscopes estimating the date of the Earth shift, as in response to Nostradamus' quatrains. The position of house viewers in this time of tribulation. a glance on the international of destiny after the struggle and the shift.

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When I was preparing this book for printing, I was amazed at the similarity between this prediction and what was then (in 1989) occurring in Panama and Central America. I believe the American President referred to as "the slow one" could rightfully describe George Bush. The news media have continually made reference to his hesitancy to react to aggressive situations. Also during the Panama invasion there was rumors that secrets might be revealed about him. This quatrain could mean that we are not finished with troubles in our own back yard involving the countries and islands in the Caribbean.

His influence will begin spreading to where it will be threatening Spain on the western side and threatening Romania on the eastern side. D: Gaul is France? B: Yes. Because at this point in the campaign the Anti-Christ will have already taken over much of France and will be preparing to take over Spain. D: What are the Insubrians? B: He says that is a historical connotation. He's not really saying much about Insubrians. He says you'll be able to find information on it in the encyclopedia. " B: Yes.

The Soviet Union is involved and their satellites are trying to draw pressure into that area of the world, particularly Cuba. There are others but he's being unclear on the names of some of the smaller countries involved. He's saying that Japan is also involved, because of the pressure on Japan concerning international trade in this and other situations in the modern world. D: Are the Soviets using their satellite countries? B: Yes. Bulgaria, Albania, and other countries are involved. " You hear of criminals who get money by unjust means and they launder it by running it through another company to make it "clean" money.

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