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By Robert Anton Wilson

''Cosmic set off offers with a technique of intentionally prompted mind switch. This approach is named ''initiation'' or ''vision quest'' in lots of traditional societies and will loosely be thought of a few harmful number of self-psychotherapy in glossy terminology. i don't suggest it for everybody . . . in brief, the most factor I realized in my experiments is that ''reality'' is usually plural and mutable.'' - Robert Anton Wilson from the Preface

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We have seen that slogan on letters from the Cryonics Society of Michigan, the Bay Area Cryonics Society, the Prometheus Society and other ImmortaUst groups. This "coincidence" will appear, possibly, to be more than a coincidence when we have examined further data . . The Irish form of Mescalito is the leprechaun, noted for playfulness, trickery, and—oddly—for leaving behind gifts in the form of food, just as the alleged " U F O n a u t " left Joe Simonton a gift of pancakes. It needs to be emphasized that whether we are talking of an experience involving Mescalito or one involving a kitchen chair, all of our perceptions have gone through myriads of neural processes in the brain before they appear to our consciousness.

Everybody got excited and people rushed into the streets to find o u t why the philosopher was in such a great hurry. " somebody shouted. "I'm looking for my d o n k e y ! " Nasrudin answered. Like most Sufi jokes this seems calculated only to annoy us, like a Marx Brothers routine that doesn't quite succeed in being funny. Actually, Nasrudin was much given (perhaps overmuch) to acting out his parables, and he was merely dramatizing the most common error of seekers after the Cosmic Secret. We look for the Secret—the Philosopher's Stone, the Elixir of the Wise, Supreme Enlightenment, " G o d , " or whatever the final answer might be—in all directions, north, east, south, and west, and all the time it is carrying us about.

One classic Contact involved two Naval Intelligence officers of high probity. There was also a "coincidental" (but highly mysterious) radar blackout of the whole area—almost as if Chapel Perilous in this case was using a technology that renders itself invisible to radar. The officers seemed to have contacted a benevolent being from the planet Uranus. The naive believer in loving Space Brothers will rejoice at such a yarn, especially since the communications received included the usual peace propaganda.

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