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An early discovery was that most serial killers fall into one of two categories: organized and disorganized. The former are calculating and likely to plan their crimes, whereas disorganized killers are creatures of reflex, impulsive and senseless with little consideration for outcome or consequence. As the profilers gained experience, they turned their attention more to crime scene analysis. They studied photographs, autopsy reports, witness statements, and, vitally, any evidence that was left at the crime scene.

Analysis of this soil can help to determine how long a body was lying in a particular area, or whether it was first placed somewhere else and then later moved to its present location. Soil analysis can also reveal the presence of a corpse, even if the body itself has been removed or destroyed. The “stain” left by the fatty acids, which also affects plant life around it, can last as long as two years, leaving a kind of phantom fingerprint in the earth. A similar research facility exists in North Carolina, and authorities hope more such facilities will be established across the United States.

Again with limited success. S. intelligence agencies asked a Boston-based psychoanalyst, Walter C. Langer, to unravel the complexities of Adolf Hitler’s mind. The hope was to Offender Profiling 55 gain insights into Hitler’s future military strategy. Langer concluded that Hitler was delusional, a bully, incapable of close personal relationships, and would most likely commit suicide. Whether his profile contributed in any way to the outcome of the war is unknowable. Thereafter the forensic examination of the human mind fell into disuse until Brussel’s intervention in the Mad Bomber case.

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