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By Katrina Raphaell

A complete, easy-to-understand advisor to using crystals and gemstones for inner development, therapeutic, and stability on your lifestyle.

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It is as simple or as complicated as we allow it to be. The Round Table may be another way of viewing the Compass, albeit on a more static level, suggesting again the twelve + one, the 'wheel' albeit a different configuration. The 13 th seat or 'Siege Perilous' equates with tlw 'Mercy Seat' of the Kabbalah, that houses the Shekinah, whose 'presence' empowers it; through correct interaction of it, we may assume conjunction. Intriguingly, each seat is assigned particular qualities according to the \'irtue of the treasure associated with it.

Mentioned in the Egyptian 'Book of the Dead' (Coming Forth by Day). Transformer of the dead into the e\'er li\'ing in the otherworld. Controller and :Mistress of Time and j\Iorher of Fate. The Creati\'e producti\'e force in gematria. LUNAR - Feminine J\Ivsteries of Hekate ... NOX (Night/Dark) One of her common (though less known) titles in Ancient C;reece was 'P/JOJp/JoroJ, ' meaning 'Lightbringer' in the form of the 'l\Iorning Star'. Clearly, this links her esotericallv to Lucifer, who shares these titles.

Together they command the three planes of the three worlds. Coda therefore, as one facet of the Queen of Elfame is simply another representative of the Tutelary Goddess of Tubal Cain, aspected in earthly form, anthropomorphic and accessible, a familiar of the Faerie denizens. Jeremy Harte l61 eloquently explains how this ethereal creature is restricted to the earthh' realms, however liminal. However, when Thomas the Rhymer mistakes her for the Queen of Hea\'en C~lary), she answers negatively: "No!

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