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This has the same effect as the CELLPADDING Attribute in a TABLE Element. Think of any Element as consisting of a rectangular block that has an outside, an edge, and an inside. To get your text or image or other content to start and stop at an interior distance from the edge you add Padding space, like an inside margin that applies just to that particular Element. Remember from the last section that the Margin Properties add space to the outside of the Element so that it creates distance between different Elements.

The following mini-example demonstrates this by defining a Style that creates a border that is 20 pixels thick and makes the text blue for only BLOCKQUOTE Elements inside DIV Elements. ) DIV BLOCKQUOTE { color: blue; border-width: 20px; } The next example defines three Styles. It first creates a Style for all PARAGRAPH Elements, which will have green text at a point size of 20. Next, a Style creates bold red text for all BLOCKQUOTE Elements and another Style creates a purple border that is 10 pixels thick and makes the text blue for all BLOCKQUOTE Elements, which are also inside DIV Elements.

The Keyword all is used when you want to define the same Style for all possible HTML Elements all at once. " Each Attribute is covered individually in Chapters 1 and 2. className { PropertyName: Value;} ] #IDname { PropertyName: Value; } ] Element Element ... { PropertyName: Value; } ] ... Attributes Defined: TYPE="text/CSS" specifies a Style Sheet in the Cascading Style Sheet Syntax. TYPE="text/JavaScript" specifies a Style Sheet in the JavaScript Syntax. SRC="URL" specifies the URL of an external Style Sheet to load.

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