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By Edgar Lawrence Doctorow

Los angeles carrera de E. L. Doctorow se extiende a través de casi una docena de novelas excepcionales, pero es en sus cuentos donde los angeles pulsión por doblegar l. a. forma narrativa tradicional se convierte en un juego. También es en ellos donde encuentra e inventa personajes excepcionales en su complejidad y, con pinceladas asombrosamente descriptivas, nos sitúa en los angeles realidad americana, con su desesperada ingenuidad y su optimismo recalcitrante. Este volumen recoge (por primera vez en cualquier lengua) todos y cada uno de esos cuentos.

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What would happen to me when my mother died and I was completely on my own? I waited for her in the first floor lobby, with its high ceiling like a cathedral and its glittering chandeliers. I didn’t know where she was, but somehow I felt I would see her again if I waited here. I thought of the pure white figure of Christ on the altar of the Urakami church and pictured it on the wall of the lobby under the high ceiling. It was a long time since I’d said any prayers before a crucifix. I yawned. It was 10:46.

I decided to call it a day. But then, just as I was leaving the hotel, I suddenly caught a glimpse of her in the distance, going up the steps to the elevated walkway in front of the station. She had that bag slung across her shoulders as she took the steps two at a time. She was wearing a white coat. There was no doubt about it: it was her. I took off after her as quickly as my tubby body would go. In spite of the cold, I broke into a sweat almost immediately. Soon I was gasping for breath, but I didn’t give up.

If my mother found out, she’d probably come rushing along to see it for herself, even with the tubes stuck up her nose. “If I hand this note to his secretary, Adam, and he passes on your message, do you really think Mr. ” “No doubt about it. He’ll come and find me. ” 28 STONE There are a few people I can do that with: the teachers in the Sunshine Group at school, the people in the volunteer care group. My mother says God sends these people to watch over us and make sure we’re not alone in the world.

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