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By Rob Shelsky

UFOs, historical extraterrestrial beings, Abductions, 2012, a unconditionally new strategy! utilizing an identical precept scientists use, the main of Occam's Razor, the authors achieve a few startling conclusions. And, they delve right into a new point of the full unidentified flying object phenomenon, and cite proof to turn out it utilizing a file commissioned by means of NASA, itself! DARKER aspect OF THE MOON they're looking at Us, in an in-depth, research of UFOs.

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You mentally edited out something that in “reality” was there! You did it automatically. So one often sees what they expect to see, because mental filtering systems tell them this is how it should be, is supposed to be. Their, or your world viewpoint, is directly responsible for reading reality wrongly at times. And what if we’re not talking about simply missing seeing a “the” here, but something else, perhaps something much more important?

Are aliens truly abducting people? Where do UFOs come from if they exist? Who are they? Have they always been here, or is this a more recent phenomenon? Are they planning to come again in force? Do they represent a threat, a danger, or a promise of something better? What are the implications of such things? What do they want? Why are they here? Arriving At Startling Conclusions! Well, it may just be possible to arrive at some real answers to all this. Moreover, we think we have. By using the abundance of evidence now at everyone’s easy disposal and then applying the Principle of Occam’s Razor to it, we have, step by step, arrived at certain incredible conclusions.

To select the first answer would mean having to invoke the idea of an implausibly huge number of eyewitnesses, many of whom are trained experts, who somehow keep getting what they see terribly wrong, repeatedly and without exception, and have done this over centuries. Alternatively, as with the second choice, it would involve an incredible number of elaborate hoaxes perpetrated over centuries. It would also have to include an equally elaborate set of conspiracy theories to account for having deliberately hoodwinked the public, not only now, but also throughout history.

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