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Learn HTML5 and JavaScript for iOS: Web Standards-based Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

You've a superb suggestion for an easy cellular internet app. Or, you might have an outstanding notion for a classy cellular internet app. both method, study HTML5 and JavaScript for iOS may also help you construct, fine-tune, and put up your app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod contact. Scott Preston will stroll you thru development a cellular net app from scratch utilizing real-world examples.

Developing Backbone.js Applications

So one can construct your site’s frontend with the single-page software (SPA) version, this hands-on e-book indicates you the way to get the task performed with spine. js. You’ll easy methods to create established JavaScript purposes, utilizing Backbone’s personal style of model-view-controller (MVC) structure.

Beginning JavaScript Second Edition

What's this booklet approximately? JavaScript is the popular programming language for website functions, letting you improve your websites with interactive, dynamic, and custom-made pages. This totally up-to-date consultant exhibits you ways to use JavaScript’s client-side scripting strategies for the most recent models of Netscape and net Explorer, whether you’ve by no means programmed ahead of.

Clojure for Java Developers

Key FeaturesWrite apps for the multithreaded international with Clojure's taste of practical programmingDiscover Clojure's positive aspects and merits and use them on your latest projectsThe publication is designed in order that you may be capable placed to take advantage of your current abilities and software program wisdom to develop into a more beneficial Clojure developerBook DescriptionWe have reached some degree the place machines aren't getting a lot speedier, software program initiatives must be added quick, and prime quality in software program is extra difficult as ever.

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