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By Paul Thiele, Margarete Riegler-Poyet, Bernard Straub

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As soon as count 6 is over, both A and B come to their original or starting positions. 48 Leg Stroke and Guard.  18. 49 The Actual Fighting As already mentioned in the Preface, gatka movements or exercises given in this book are fundamentally those that are most in use. I firmly believe those that it is far better to know the principal movements and know them thoroughly and practically than to be familiar with the greatest number of unimportant blows and hooks. To be “Jack of all and master of none” does not pay in the real combats.

7. Try to get your opponent to attempt 54 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. leads that will leave him open to your attack. Conceal your ultimate designs with false attacks. If you intend to strike his ankle pretend to give him blow on the head. Never overlook your “reserve” hand in any situation. Use your left hand freely. Do not miss the opportunity of catching opponents gatka when you can do so without risk. Have patience of mind. Injuries are common in actual fight. If you happen to receive any, conceal it from your opponent and laugh it away atonce.

To be “Jack of all and master of none” does not pay in the real combats. To those who feel discontented with these original movements and who are very fond of “big number”, I may disclose the secret of creating new movements of their own. Most of the movements other than described here are mere combinations of one movement or the other. Combine Head with Ankle, you will get a new third movement. Similarly any number of such exercises can be made by combining and practising various fundamental movements.

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