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By Jon J. Nordby Ph.D.

Lifeless Reckoning is a set of modern day real crime instances which are comparable to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes crime tales of the Victorian period. Nordby successfully employs the technological know-how of deductive reasoning and important pondering to descriptively trap and recreate the info surrounding a various choice of crimes. Crime scene concepts are so good defined, the scenes come alive within the imagination in every one bankruptcy. Cleverly woven into each one case are brilliant intricacies of really expert disciplines akin to medication, pathology, anthropology, histology, or entomology. This e-book is flexible sufficient to attract students of good judgment, crime scene research, inventive writers, or even the beginner reader of nonfiction in addition to fictional crime tales. It might simply be used as a supplemental textual content in lots of educational disciplines. As a talented forensic investigator, the writer creatively stocks an inside of view in his publication right into a macabre global many folks can't even start to think.

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I’m scared shitless. So he yells, then I hear this bang. I think, shit, I’m dead. Then he drops to the floor. ” “I just look. I finally figure he shot himself. It was like slow motion. Seemed like hours. ” “Well, no. ” “’Cause I wanted Ma ta git his union insurance. ” She explained how she left the trailer, locking the front door on the way out and drove around for a few hours. She finished her story saying that she called her brother, and told the family that Norbert Andrews, husband and father, had committed suicide.

The jury’s opinion was what counted. Unlike high profile cases filling the tabloids, the public didn’t care enough in this case to have opinions. Except for the usual fleeting murder trial curiosity, this case, like most such violent deaths, did not excite public interest. ” Story line: “Homely daughter, truck stop waitress from Montana, charged. ” No true crime writers attended this two-day trial. No highpriced experts volunteered their services. Even Jerry Springer would have no interest. The defense team offered one more player, a therapist who specialized in treating dysfunctional alcoholic families.

A small roof antenna wiggles in time with the cranking starter, and after three tries the best car he finds smokes to life. Behind the wheel, Richards contemplates the endless variety of possible circumstances in store for him. He can’t even be sure that a death has been properly identified. He may have a 50-minute drive for a dead St. Bernard. From a mile away he sees black smoke mixed with white from the county firefighters’ efforts to douse a blaze in a four bedroom two-story wood frame farmhouse.

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