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By Michael K. G. Whateley, K. T. Pickering

This quantity of 23 papers, comprising many features of contemporary and historical deltaic sedimentary structures, is meant as an outline of this topic for using scholars, lecturers and researchers alike.

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In the North Sea, for example, Gibbs (1984) has described the Clyde Field, with an estimated 154 million bbl of recoverable oil, as lying above a growth fault detached from deep-seated basement faults. In the Gulf of Mexico, the Barataria Field is likewise considered to represent a block of shallow-water sand which has slid into deep water (Ventress & Smith 1985). Below we report on slides that commonly occur within basins under the influence of prograding deltas. Basinfloor slides commonly influence, or are influenced by, sediment failures along the basin margins.

If the marine basin receives most of its sediment input as bed load, ie Qb>>Qs (Fig. 2, model 3), the basin infill will be controlled by failure-generated diffusion of the proximal prodelta slopes with some form of sediment bypassing as an invariable consequence (eg Itirbilung Fiord, Baffin Island (Fig. 4)). Steep foresets will form at the delta lip if tides and waves are not effective enough to redistribute the coarsegrained bed load. Liquefaction-induced failures may occur anywhere along the steep foresets, and these may generate cohesionless debris flows and turbidity currents.

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