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During this booklet you will discover indicators and logos and early chemistry that has no longer been noticeable or utilized by the mainstream public because the 15th century. this can be useful for any occultist or someone attracted to the background of alchemy. Its a unprecedented booklet, hugely collectable for these attracted to such issues.

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If the significators are still equal an hermaphrodite may be born, and if the significators are in doublebodied signs there is a likelihood of twins. For a male child let fixed signs occupy the angles, and let the ascendant be a masculine sign of long ascension free from affliction by the malefics. Place the benefics free from affliction and strong, and take care that no malefic or feminine planet is angular. Let the luminaries be strong and free from affliction, and let the Moon be in good aspect with the Sun.

Note that in cases where no blood is drawn the Moon may safely be in the sign ruling the diseased part of the body. Avoid giving medicine when the Moon is in the first 15° of Libra or Aquarius, in conjunction or bad aspect with Saturn, Jupiter, or Mars, or when these planets are in mutual aspect, for the operation of the medicine is hindered. In preparing medicines avoid the hours of Saturn and Mars. In undergoing electrical treatment fortify Uranus, and keep it free from affliction, especially by Mars, while in ray treatment fortify Neptune as much as possible.

Let the seventh and second houses be strong and fortunate, for if these are occupied by the malefics it shows trouble through money or associates, especially if Jupiter and Venus do not aspect them favourably. Entering the Church or Beginning Serious Studies Fortify the ascendant, the third house, and their lords, the Moon and its dispositor, the Sun, and also Jupiter, which is the general significator of religion. If possible let the luminaries be in Sagittarius or Pisces, or let either of these signs be rising.

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