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By Julie Adair King

Electronic photograph initiatives For Dummies provides a special twist on realizing the fundamentals of electronic images. This full-color e-book walks you thru the commonest initiatives and projects you'll stumble upon on your electronic images actions. The e-book demonstrates the fundamentals of atmosphere your digital camera for the simplest shot sooner than diving into tips on how to enhance your photographs. tasks comprise brightening a dismal picture, bettering concentration, taking out red-eye, touching up blemishes, making a college, including a photograph to a company card, rescuing outdated or broken pictures, and turning a photograph right into a piece of paintings prepared for framing.

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When you press the shutter button on your camera, the shutter opens so that the light that funnels through the aperture can strike the film or image sensor. The shutter speed control determines how long the shutter remains open, typically for a fraction of a second. Shutter speeds are expressed in seconds, as in 1 second, 1/400 second, and so on. qxp 4/16/07 11:23 PM Page 49 Chapter 2: The Digital Photographer’s Troubleshooting Guide So, in theory, you can tackle an exposure problem by adjusting the three settings either alone or in combination, as follows: ߜ For a brighter exposure: Select a lower f-stop number (open the aperture), choose a slower shutter speed, or raise the ISO.

At a low ISO, the image quality is superb, but the exposure is too dark. Raising the ISO produced a brighter exposure but at the cost of increased noise, which is especially visible in areas that contain little detail, such as the background in this photo. Figure 2-7 offers a close-up comparison of all three images. The amount of noise produced at a given ISO setting depends on the camera, so experiment to find the acceptable noise threshold on your model. And whenever possible, keep the ISO at its lowest setting for pictures where image quality is critical.

The left image was produced using minimal JPEG compression; the right example, extreme compression. Minimum JPEG compression Heavy JPEG compression Figure 2-4: For best results, stick with the highest-quality JPEG setting. qxp 42 4/16/07 11:23 PM Page 42 Part I: Digital Demystified At the size shown in Figure 2-4, the difference between the two images appears minimal, although you can see some odd color artifacting in the heavily compressed version, and details aren’t as sharp. But as the print size increases, compression artifacts become more apparent, as illustrated by the enlarged examples shown in Figure 2-5.

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