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By Douglas Biber

Douglas Biber's new publication extends and refines the study and method pronounced in his ground-breaking version throughout Speech and Writing (1988), and provides for the 1st time a diachronic size. In it he offers a linguistic research of check in in 4 greatly differing languages: English, Nukulaelae Tuvaluan, Korean, and Somali. impressive similarities in addition to alterations emerge, permitting Biber to foretell for the 1st time cross-linguistic universals of sign up edition.

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2 Previous diachronic studies of register variation There have been far fewer studies dealing with diachronic register variation, that is, the analysis of the changing relations among registers across time. Such studies are essential for a complete understanding of the processes of language standardization, modernization, and adaptation. In most previous linguistic studies, language change is treated as a mechanical process influenced only by language-internal (rather than social/situational) factors.

5 Corpus linguistics and computational analysis 33 completed in 1979 (see Francis and Kucera 1979, 1982). This corpus was designed to provide a representative selection of published written texts in American English. , press reportage, press editorial, popular lore, learned and scientific writings, general fiction, science fiction, humor). Texts are about 2,000 words in length, and the entire corpus comprises 500 texts, or a total of approximately 1 million words of running text. Details on the specific texts included in the corpus are given in Francis and Kucera (1979).

Because they are so restricted in purpose and topic, sublanguages are much more systematic in structure and meaning than the language as a whole; thus computational systems for applied natural-language processing can achieve greater success when they are designed specifically for texts from a single sublanguage. As noted above, research on sublanguages is particularly relevant to the present investigation because some of these studies are explicitly crosslinguistic: for example, Lehrberger (1982) and Kittredge (1982) discuss the use of sublanguage grammars as the basis for information retrieval and automatic translation between English and French.

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