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By Kaye Gibbons

In her darkest but so much redeeming novel, Gibbons scorches us with a Þrestorm of despair-and then resurrects love and wish from its very ashes.

Autumn 1918: Rumors of peace are spreading throughout the United States, yet spreading even swifter are the 1st circumstances of Spanish influenza, whispering of the epidemic to come back. Maureen Ross, well beyond a secure childbearing age, is experiencing a tricky being pregnant. Her husband, Troop-cold and careless of her condition-is an emotional cripple who has battered her spirit all through their marriage. As Maureen's time grows close to, she turns into confident she's going to die in childbirth. Into this loveless ménage arrives Mary Oliver, Troop's niece. The sheltered baby of a well-to-do, freethinking Washington relations, Mary involves support Maureen within the final weeks of her confinement. Horrified by means of Troop's bullying, she quickly discovers that her real accountability is to guard her aunt.

because the influenza spreads and the dying toll grows, Troop's spiteful behaviors aggravate. Tormenting his spouse, taunting her for her "low birth," hiding her mother's letters, Troop terrorizes the loved ones. but if Mary fights again, he starts to move over the sting, and Maureen rallies, freeing a beautiful thunderstorm of disagreement and, eventually, discovering non secular renewal.

The Boston Globe hailed On the party of My final Afternoon as "another present from Kaye Gibbons to the literature celebrating robust ladies of all ages and era." a lot an analogous will be acknowledged of Divining Women.

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