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8, 21, 22 Different sets of sequence variants have generally been associated with endurance performance and sprint or power events in a sport-independent manner. 15, 16 Types V and VI collagen are important structural proteins within the connective tissue components of the musculoskeletal system. These results, however, need to be confirmed in other similar subjects. 23 Therefore, the limited number of studies (South Africa Ironman, Russian Olympic distance, Australian Ironman and Olympic distance) investigating the genetic contribution to triathlon performance and the extremely small number of sequence variants analyzed to date should not be overinterpreted by athletes and coaches.

In other words, any position in the genome where more than one nucleotide base is found among a population of individuals is known as a polymorphism, and each variant letter found at a polymorphism is known as an allele. 1). Across a population, the frequency of each allele can be measured. Because most genes come in pairs (inherited from father and mother), each person has a pair of alleles within his or her genome for any polymorphism. This combination of alleles at any variant site is known as a genotype (for example GG, GC, and CC genotypes).

Other types of DNA polymorphisms exist as well. , I/D polymorphism of the ACE gene). Another type of genetic variation is known as a repeat polymorphism. , CAG repeats in the AR gene). Genetic variations can affect the amount and structure of mRNA/protein and therefore may account for the main share of genetic factors in human phenotypic variability, but most of these polymorphisms remain to be discovered. If any allele is associated with a certain phenotype, it is called a DNA (or genetic) marker.

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