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The tertiary function is feeling and the inferior function is extroverted sensing. Type A & Type B personalities: During the 1950s, Meyer Friedman and his co-workers defined what they called Type A and Type B behaviour patterns. They theorized that intense, hard-driving Type A personalities had a higher risk of coronary disease because they were 'stress junkies'. Type B people, on the other hand, tended to be relaxed, less competitive and lower in risk bearing capacity. There was also a Type AB mixed profile.

The demand of different situations may call for different aspects of one's personality. Therefore, we should not look at personality factors in isolation .. Although, certain generalizations can be made about personality, there are significant individual differences that are further influenced by situational factors. Long hours in the office, hard and stressful work, unscheduled pressures and crises, all expect an immediate analysis of the situation and judicious decisions. Organizational pressures build up and an urgency of decision-making is demonstrated.

C 6. a 48 7. d 8. b 9. c. 10. a Chapter 3 Personality Pattern T he personality pattern is composed of traits or specific qualities of behaviour, which characterize the individual's unique adjushnent to life as shown in his behaviour and thoughts. The 'core' or centre of gravity of the personality pattern is the individual's concept of himself as a person as related to the world in which he lives. There are three major factors that are responsible for the development of personality pattern: • the individual's heredity • early experiences within the family • important events in later life outside the home environment.

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