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A geological map of a part of the Mozambique Orogenic Belt in central Kenya. The Mukogodo migmatite is part of an older basement. Note that the late faults do not reflect the N-S grain of the Mozambique belt but mostly trend ENE to NE. These faults are Cenozoic fractures related to stresses associated with the East African Rift System. CRYSTALLINE BASEMENT: AN INTRODUCTION 51 Crystalline basement development between about 1050 M a and about 550 M a By the end of this Upper Proterozoic period almost all of the present African continent (Fig.

Although the type area, and the greatest development, of the Birrimian is in Ghana, this supergroup is also exposed in adjacent countries--it covers an area of about 30 000 km 2 in Cote d'Ivoire (Cahen et al. 1984). M. _. -o ~ ' ~ b oL~ < ~ o N | ! i 0 0 oo | 0 0 Ox i ('N i (~I i e',l t ! C~ C~ C~ tN ¢N CRYSTALLINE BASEMENT: AN INTRODUCTION 45 sequence dominated by alternating phyllites and greywackes with associated slates, schists and tufts is overlain by a group of volcanics with minor sedimentary intercalations.

P. 1988. Basement Aquifer Project (Discussion of radon surveys and exploration drilling in Zimbabwe). Unpublished Report of the British Geological Survey. , KITCHING, R. & MURRAY, K. H. 1987. Collector wells in crystalline basement aquifers: a review Of results of recent research. In: Proceedings of the XXI Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, Rome, Italy, 12-17 April 1987. - - et al. 1988. Final Report of the Collector Well Project, 1983--88. British Geological Survey Technical Report WD/88/31.

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