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By Kurt Hollocher

This booklet is an illustrative advent to metamorphic rocks as obvious within the box, designed for complicated highschool to graduate-level earth technology and geology scholars to jump-start their observational abilities. as well as pictures of rocks within the box, there are many line diagrams and examples of metamorphic beneficial properties proven in skinny part. the skinny part pictures are all at a scale and in a context that may be concerning perspectives obvious within the box via a hand lens.

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In highly deformed rocks such as these, primary sedimentary structures are difficult to discern. Note the contrast between the gray quartzite in most of the image, and the white quartz vein in the upper right. Skår, Moldefjord, Møre og Romsdal, Norway. 9 Gray, complexly folded quartzite, with layers that are alternately rich and poor in muscovite and kyanite. Contrasting with the gray quartzite are abundant, deformed, white quartz veins. Many of the quartz veins have been boudinaged into white lumps.

10 Marble enclosing a detached fold hinge amidst thinner, folded calc-silicate layers and layer fragments. The large fold hinge has dark amphibolite and calc-silicate rock on the inside, with a white granitic gneiss layer on the outside. Because of the enormous amount of strain that highly ductile marbles can experience, silicate rocks within them can become greatly thinned, to the extent that the thicker fold hinges become detached from their limbs. With isolated fold hinges, stretched and fragmented fold limbs, boudinaged calc-silicate layers, and fragments broken off the contacts, marbles can become, in effect, tectonic breccias containing a wide range of rock types.

The last chapters illustrate protolith features that can, in some cases, survive m ­ etamorphism (Chapters 23-25). Surviving protolith features can help with the interpretation of pre-metamorphic geology. Readers will find some overlap between chapters. For example, mica schists that are discussed in Chapter 2 generally have foliations, which are discussed in detail in Chapter 15. This introduction, however, plus the Glossary, should be sufficient to ease you through the ­following chapters with minimal intellectual suffering.

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